Bosco Cheng
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Bosco Cheng

Bosco was called to the Bar in 2007. He has extensive experience in dealing with criminal and civil cases at different level of courts and tribunal. His main areas of practice are civil and criminal litigation, land disputes and regulatory inquiries. In 2018, Bosco was appointed as a Deputy Magistrate.


LLB (City University of Hong Kong), PCLL (City University of Hong Kong)

LLM (University of London)

CEDR Accredited Mediator

HKMAAL Accredited Mediator


Year of call: 2007


Language proficiency: English, Cantonese and Putonghua


Notable cases

Land (Compulsory purchase/Land resumption)

1. Sun Crystal Ltd v. Bell Oak Ltd & Ors LDCS 17000/2019 (as counsel)

2. Noble Enterprises Ltd v. Sin Kwok Ying & Ors LDCS 20000/2019 (as counsel)

3. Tse Chan Fai v. Director of Lands LDLR 10/2018 (as counsel)

4. Sarford Development Ltd v. Super Star Properties Ltd LDCS 14000/2018 (as counsel)

5. China Vision Engineering Ltd v. Bold Team Investments Ltd LDCS 5000/2018 (as counsel)

6. Swift China Ltd v. Hui Hon Chu LDCS 6000/2017 (as counsel)

7. First Mate Development Ltd v. Gee Wing Chung & Ors LDCS 8000/2016 (as counsel)

8. Central Profit Investments Limited v. Shuga Investments Limited LDCS 1000/2016 (as counsel)

9. Sun Crystal Ltd v. Cheng Siu Kau & Ors LDCS 6000/2015 (as counsel)

10. Oriental Generation Limited v. Ngo Kui Sing & Ors LDCS 4000/2013 (as junior counsel)

Land (recovery of possession)

1. Hantec Investment Ltd v. Li Yau Man CAMP92/2021 (as counsel)

2. Hantec Investment Ltd v. Li Yau Man LDPE1313/2019 (as counsel)

3. 永利工業大廈業主立案法團 訴順隆置業有限公司 LDBM122/2019 (as counsel)

Commercial disputes

1. Smartek E&M Engineering (HK) Ltd v. Win Win Way Construction Co Ltd DCCJ5104/2017 (as counsel)

2. Universal Worldwide Transportation Ltd v. Caribean (Latin America) Cargo Services Ltd HCA917/2011(as counsel)

3. Or Sheli Marketing and Trade Ltd v. Ting Li Li t/a Trans World Enterprise Co DCCJ2161/2011 (as counsel)

4. Wong Nuen Kiu v. Zhu Jinfen HCA2293/2007 (as counsel)


CHE YIM MEI v. LEI SIO PENG, in her personal capacity and as one of the Executrices of the estate of LEE MING YUEN, deceased DCMP3500/2020 (as counsel)

Securities-related cases

Mirabell International Holdings Limited, Market Misconduct Tribunal Proceedings (assist presenting officer at preliminary stage)


World Houseware Producing Company Ltd v Chau Kam Tong DCCJ1640/2012 (as counsel)


1. Cheung Wing Architects & Engineering Limited v. Shoe Premier International Limited HKIAC/A16140 (as counsel)

2. China Property Development (Holdings) Ltd v. Mandecly Ltd HCCT53/2010 (as junior counsel)

Interlocutory applications

1. CRP/PE Munroe Street Owner, LLC v. Junwei Consulting Trade Co Ltd DCCJ4700/2019 (Summary judgment – as counsel)

2. Tso Yuk Yin v. Wan Wai Hung HCA1578/2016 (Summary judgment – as counsel)

3. Koo Ming Kown v. Rev Mr. Mok Kong Ting & Ors HCA 2337/2016 (Interim injunction – as junior counsel)

4. Koo Ming Kown v. The Baptist Convention of Hong Kong HCA 731/2017 (Default judgment – as counsel)

Personal injuries

1. Ng Ning Fu v. Leader Engineering & Construction Ltd & Anor HCPI173/2015 (as counsel)

2. Ma Yuet Pong v. Chen Kar Wai CACV245/2012 (as junior counsel)

3. Ma Yuet Pong v. Chen Kar Wai HCPI577/2010 (as junior counsel)

Criminal (Court of Appeal)

HKSAR v. Fu Kor-Kuen Patrick CACV179/2010 (assist junior and leading counsel in appeal)

Criminal (Magistracy appeal)

1. 香港特別行政區 訴 陳峰 HCMA426/2016 (as junior counsel)

2. 香港特別行政區 訴 梁家碩 HCMA729/2014 (as counsel)

Criminal (District Court)

1. 香港特別行政區 訴 盧達洪DCCC397/2020 (as counsel)

2. 香港特別行政區 訴 鄭偉傑 DCCC336/2018 (as counsel)

3. 香港特別行政區 訴 翁品卡 DCCC587/2017 (as counsel)

4. HKSAR v. Du Jun DCCC787/2008 (assist junior and leading counsel in trial)

5. HKSAR v. Fu Kor-Kuen Patrick DCCC981/2008 (assist junior and leading counsel in trial)


Judicial Appointment

Deputy Magistrate (from October 2018 to October 2019; August 2021 to November 2021)


Public Service

Member of the Bar Council (as from 22 January 2022)



1. Hong Kong Civil Procedure 2010-2019 (contributing editor)

2. Annotated Ordinance of Hong Kong: Financial Reporting Council Ordinance Cap 588

3. Annotated Ordinance of Hong Kong: Dangerous Drugs Ordinance Cap 134 (contributing editor)

4. Commercial Crime Handbook (contributing editor)

5. Hong Kong Securities Handbook (contributing editor)


Areas of Expertise
Land Law
Land Resumption
Regulatory & Disciplinary
General Civil
General Crime
Commercial Law
Departmental Summonses
Employees’ Compensation
Financial Market Crimes
Personal Injury
Securities Law