Working with Us


We encourage applicants with sharp legal acumen and a strong work ethic to consider serving pupillage or mini-pupillage with us.

While we are traditionally known to be a set of criminal practitioners, many of our members run a thriving mixed practice. Applicants may specify a particular Chambers member whom they would like to follow. If no such indication is given, applicants will be assigned a pupil master specialising in criminal practice.

There is no set deadline by which applications have to be submitted, but once a pupil master has had his/her card filled, it will not be possible to entertain additional applications.

Application Procedure

Applicants for pupillage and mini-pupillage may write directly to the specific Chambers member of their choice. Alternatively, a general application can be sent to Chambers.

Applicants should provide a covering letter, proof of academic results, curriculum vitae with a recent photograph, and any other relevant materials he/she may consider useful for their application.