Kevin Leung
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Kevin Leung

Grounded in a Princeton Economics education, Kevin combines Ivy League acuity and quantitative acumen with a passion for advocacy in his legal practice.



Profile 簡介:

Kevin is developing a mixed practice with a focus on regulatory and criminal matters.  He has advised and represented companies and individuals in matters relating to regulatory investigations and offences, white-collar crime, and serious and general crimes.  On the civil side, he has advised and acted for clients in commercial, probate, matrimonial, land, personal injury, and other tortious matters. 



In addition, having experience of advising on potential criminal liability in numerous civil (e.g. commercial and matrimonial) disputes, as well as how such liability affects subsequent litigation strategies, Kevin welcomes the challenge of navigating situations where criminal and civil concerns are inextricably intertwined.



On other engagements, Kevin is a part-time lecturer (non-clinical) for the Faculty of Law at the University of Hong Kong, and a contributor to the Annotated Ordinances of Hong Kong.

其他職責方面,梁大律師有擔任香港大學法律學院的客席講師,亦有參與修訂 The Annotated Ordinances of Hong Kong。


Kevin joined Chambers in 2018 after serving pupillage with Mr. Edwin Choy SC, Mr. Michael Arthur, Ms. Ann Lui, and Mr. Giles Surman.

梁大律師師承蔡維邦資深大律師、Michael Arthur 大律師、雷天恩大律師及蘇明哲大律師,並於 2018 年加入駱應淦御用資深大律師辦事處。


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Education 學歷:

2017 – P.C.LL. – The University of Hong Kong


2016 – J.D. – The University of Hong Kong


2014 – B.A. (Economics & Minor in East Asian Studies) – Princeton University


2010 – Li Po Chun United World College


2008 – Diocesan Boys’ School



Languages 工作語言:

English, Cantonese, Putonghua and Korean 英語、粵語、普通話及韓語


Selected Work:


  • HCMP 239/2019 The Securities and Futures Commission v L.C.Y.J. & C.M.W. – Represented both Respondents, being the former Chairman and CEO of Luxey International (Holdings) Limited (8041.HK) respectively, in an 8-day trial regarding the SFC petition for disqualification orders pursuant to SFO s214 (led by Mr. Edwin Choy SC, with Mr. Nicholas Oh)
  • Advised a Main Board listed company and drafted written representations to challenge a trade suspension imposed by the Securities and Futures Commission (led by Mr. Edwin Choy SC)
  • Advised a GEM listed company and drafted written representations for proceedings before the GEM Listing Review Committee to contest a delisting decision by the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (led by Mr. Edwin Choy SC)



  • CACC 193/2021 HKSAR v L.C.Y. & Ors – Represented the named Appellant in an appeal against conviction against 1 count of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice  (with Mr. Franco Kuan)
  • CAAR 13/2021 Secretary for Justice v L.C.Y. & Ors – Represented the named Respondent in a sentencing review regarding 1 conviction of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice (with Mr. Franco Kuan) 
  • HCMA 359/2021 & ESCC 997/2022 HKSAR v B.D.A. – Represented the Appellant in an appeal against conviction and sentence for 2 counts of indecent assault – all convictions quashed; Represented the same in the subsequent retrial for 3 charges of indecent assault – acquittal secured on all charges (led by Mr. Edwin Choy SC)
  • HCMA 170/2020 HKSAR v 譚 & 王 – Represented both Appellants in an appeal against convictions for theft by joint enterprise – convictions quashed (as sole Counsel)
  • HCCC 160/2021 HKSAR v C.F.L. – Represented the Defendant in an 8-day jury trial for (i) rape (with attempted rape as an alternative), (ii) indecent assault and (iii) assault occasioning actual bodily harm – secured unanimous acquittals for charges (i) and (iii) (with Mr. Franco Kuan)
  • HCMA 97/2021 HKSAR v 鄭 – Represented the Appellant in an appeal against conviction and sentence for 1 count of perverting the course of public justice – conviction quashed (with Mr. Franco Kuan)
  • ESCC 1153/2022 HKSAR v Y.L. – Represented the Defendant in a 6-day trial brought by the ICAC for 2 charges of conspiracy to defraud – successful challenge to the admissibility of the Defendant’s WhatsApp conversation records – acquittal secured on both charges (with Mr. Franco Kuan)
  • WKCC 1765/2023 HKSAR v C.W.C – Represented the Defendant charged with theft (as sole Counsel)
  • KCCC 218/2022 HKSAR v L.C.Y. – Represented the Defendant in a 5-day trial for (i) indecent assault and (ii) perverting the course of justice (with Mr. Franco Kuan)
  • TMCC 497/2023 HKSAR v R.Q. & Ors – Represented 5 Defendants in a 7-day trial brought by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department for charges of engaging in fishing with a vessel not in accordance with the Fisheries Protection Ordinance (Cap. 171) (with Mr. Felix Tam)
  • STCC 635/2022 HKSAR v K.C. – Represented the Defendant in a 2-day trial brought by the Immigration Department for 1 charge of employing a person who is not lawfully employable – successful challenge to the admissibility of the Defendant’s 2 cautioned statements – acquittal secured due to there being no Prosecution case to answer (with Mr. Franco Kuan)
  • ESCC 1250/2021 HKSAR v C.W.Y. – Represented the Defendant charged with (i) child abuse and (ii) publishing child pornography – secured disposal by way of ONE Bindover (led by Mr. Edwin Choy SC, with Mr. Ernest Yuen)


Criminal Advisory

  • Advising numerous individuals on potential/ ongoing criminal investigations (by the Police, the ICAC or the Immigration Department) into allegations ranging from conspiracy to defraud, misappropriation of funds, and use of false documentation, to perverting the course of justice, indecent assault, and aiding and abetting breaches of conditions of stay (as sole Counsel)
  • Advised on a production order issued pursuant to the Hong Kong National Security Law (led by Mr. Edwin Choy SC, with Mr. Philip Wong and Mr. Ivan Suen)
  • Advised on a potential allegation of intermeddling with around HK$10 million worth of estate in the form of financial securities (as sole Counsel)



  • HCMP 597/2021 李 v 李 – Represented the Plaintiff in committal proceedings for civil contempt of court (as sole Counsel)
  • HCA 752/2021 F.H. v W.R. (the Administratrix of the Estate of H.T.C.) – Representing the Defendant facing a property claim based on proprietary estoppel and common intention constructive trust (as sole Counsel)
  • Acted for the Plaintiff of a contractual dispute involving potential criminal and regulatory concerns about “shell companies” listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (as sole Counsel)
  • Acting in various probate-related proceedings involving e.g. the striking out of caveats, and revocation of letters of administration (as sole Counsel)


Civil Advisory

  • Advising a Chinese restaurant chain facing EC and common law PI claims by its former employee (as sole Counsel)
  • Advised on litigation strategy for an intended class action claim by around 100 minority shareholders against a company formerly listed on the Main Board (led by Mr. Edwin Choy SC)
  • Advised the Hong Kong branch of a multinational company on the winding up of its employee retirement fund under the Occupational Retirement Schemes Ordinance (Cap. 426) (with Mr. Kevin Lau)
  • Advised on litigation strategy for an intended contractual claim by a sub-contractor concerning workers’ salaries in a construction project (as sole Counsel)


Areas of Expertise
Regulatory & Disciplinary
White Collar Crime
General Crime
Serious Crime
General Civil