Simon Kwok
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Simon Kwok

“Pragmatism - a criminally underrated virtue”



Profile 簡歷:

Simon engaged in a broad criminal and civil practice with a focus on criminal matters. Being the recipient of the FONGS Prize in International Law, he is also well versed in matters involving conflict of laws.


He has appeared as sole advocate in the Court of Appeal, Court of First Instance, District Court, and the Magistrates’ Court. He also appeared on behalf of the Department of Justice as Counsel on Fiat.


Simon advised, or appeared on behalf of clients charged with offences ranging from dangerous driving, indecent assault, fraud, criminal intimidation, dangerous drugs to less common ones such as endangering others at sea and perverting course of public justice. He also advises on SFC matters particularly on the enforcement aspect of the Securities and Futures Ordinance.



On the civil side, he had recently been consulted on various compliance issues and legal sanctions of the online sale/distribution of pharmaceutical products and food items. He is also versed in personal injuries, insurance and family matters.


Continuing the Chambers’ cherished tradition, Simon also devotes his time and effort to public service such as Duty Lawyer for the Free Legal Advice Scheme. Before joining the bar, he was awarded the CompliancePlus Consulting Limited Prize for Pro-Bono Work in Clinical Legal Education recognising his efforts in aiding the underprivileged. He has been serving as a coach for secondary school students in the Mock Trial – Justice Education Project organized by The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong since 2019.



Education 學歷:


Bachelor of Law (HKU, King’s College London)
法律學士,倫敦大學國王學院 及 香港大學 共同頒授


Selected Cases:

HKSAR v Cheng Wai Kit (CACC 24/2019) [2021] HKCA 713:

As sole advocate, acted for the applicant. The applicant was found guilty of trafficking in dangerous drugs after trial by jury in the High Court. The appeal turned on firstly, the propriety of jury direction as to the applicable standards in considering the defendant’s evidence and secondly, money found in possession of defendant. Leave granted on both grounds.

HKSAR v Kwan Wing Yan (CACC 166/2019) [2021] HKCA 1397:

As led junior, acted for the applicant. Two grounds of appeal against conviction were advanced. The first ground turned on whether the judge when making his ruling on special issue, did not limit his finding on voluntariness, contrary to the principles set out in Thongjai. The second ground concerns the applicability of HKSAR v Chan Hing Kai [2020] 1 HKLRD (concerning “lack of puttage”) in a trial by single judge. Leave granted on both grounds.

HKSAR v Leung Wai Kit (CACC 292/2019) [2021] HKCA 1408:

As led junior, acted for the applicant. Leave granted to appeal against conviction. The sole ground of appeal turned on what circumstances justify the need to direct the jury on the “lack of puttage” and if so, the proper bounds in doing so.

HKSAR v Ho Ping Sang (ESCC 650/2021)

Led by Mr. Edwin Choy S.C., fatal accident involving a speed boat. Defendant, the coxswain was charged with endangering others at sea under s.32 of Cap 548. Acquitted.


Simon has recently joined as a contributor for The Annotated Ordinances of Hong Kong.

Areas of Expertise
General Crime
Employees’ Compensation
Personal Injury
Matrimonial Law
General Civil
Departmental Summonses